Our Prices have 2 primary levels, Non-Package Holders and Package Holders.
To become a package holder, you only need to have package days on your acount left from a purchased package.

Non-Package Holder – Pays base rates for daycare & boarding. Holiday fee’s, boarding deposits and  boarding pickup/drop off requirements.

Package Holder – Discounted rates on days/nights in packages. No holiday fees, No boarding deposits, and no boarding pickup/drop off requirements.

*Packages never expire, are transferable, can be shared with all the dogs in your family, and can be used when ever you want.

Unless using a package credit, payment is collected at the end of the stay, unless there are special reasons for example: an extended long stay.

We offer a site based store, If you would like to purchase packages
from the site based store use the “SHOP NOW” button below.

We also offer a Client Portal where you can manage your account and reservations.
You may purchase packages as well as add grooming to your resrvations.
To use this tool, use the “Client Portal” Button.


Dog Daycare

Full Day
(6+ Hours)


10 Days: $393
20 Days: $635
30 Days: $845
60 Days: $1635
120 Days: $2545

(Less than 6 Hours)


10 Days: $196
20 Days: $317
30 Days: $424
60 Days: $817
120 Days: $1272

Dog Boarding

$49 Per 24 hours
(Must be pick up at or before
your drop off time.)
If the pickup/drop off requirement is not met, a half day fee will be added to the stay.


10 Nights: $484
20 Nights: $818
30 Nights: $1090
60 Nights: $2049

Dog Grooming & Services

GroomiNG & Services

  • Bath: $31
  • Brush Out: $18
  • Nail Trim: $21
  • Ear Cleaning: $10
  • Teeth Brushing: $18
  • Anal Glands Expression: $23
  • Vaccinations: $31

Schedule your grooming during your dog’s reservation, we will schedule your grooming close to the pick up time so your fur family will be nice and fresh for you at pick up.

Use the Client Portal to schedule your reservation and grooming services together online.