What we are doing to protect our guests and their parents during COVID-19?

Our Steps To Protect Our Guests Against COVID-19

Updated March 15, 2023

Our Protocol 

The Seattle Dog Resort has taken action against the COVID-19 threat for our customers and our employees it also has continued to follow Washington’s Safe Start Guidelines through each phase.

Because of this, we have set updated standards at the start of the pandemic to be followed at our locations. As well as made changes in the business not only to protect our employees, customers, and guests but to make their experience even easier.

Staff Interaction Reduction

Our main focus is lowering the amount of interactions our staff has every day. This helps to lower the chances of encountering COVID-19. Following the Safe Start guidelines, we have locked the doors and provided a phone number to reach our staff when you arrive at the building. Once we receive a call from a pet parent we quickly get to the door and meet our customers outside. 

All bookings can be made online from the safety of your home.

Other Practices to Keep You Safe

  • Feeling sick? Stay home. When our staff does not feel well we stay home and get tested before returning to work. Screening at the start of every shift helps us maintain this standard. 
  • Wear a mask during all person to person interactions. We wear masks in all areas other than the play area. We have noticed a lot of uneasy dogs when our staff is masking in our play area, so we are doing our best to regulate the dogs temperament while maintaining our mask standards. 
  • Quarantine guests with symptoms of illness. If one of our guests displays symptoms of being sick, we want them to feel better but also want to protect other guests. 
  • Clean and sanitize our spaces. Our staff stays on top of cleaning all commonly used areas, as well as continuously cleaning our facility and play areas as they are used during the day. 

Our team is dedicated to our guests and keeping them safe. We are all working together to create a safe space moving forward.