Dog Daycare

The Dog Resort Daycare

At The Dog Resort, your dog will play away the day with furry friends, supervised by professional, dog loving staff, in our safe, free-range, indoor and outdoor environment.

The Dog Resort provides plenty of areas for your dog to run freely, burn off some energy, play with dogs their own size and generally have a great time. Instead of being left at home to mope or get into trouble, your dog will enjoy life while you are at work. At the end of the day, your dogs will be relaxed and ready for some quality cuddle time with you.

Throughout the day, your dog will be given exercise, attention, and love. Owners can provide lunch or a snack and all dogs are encouraged to take a short rest break in the middle of their day.

Daycare Rates

1/2 Day of Daycare: $29 (Less than 6 Hours)
Full Daycare Day: $42

Daycare Packages

CLICK HERE to see all our Boarding Package options.


*Packages never expire
**Packages can be shared with all the dogs in  your family
***Package days can be used whenever you want