The Dog Resort Training

Embark on a 7-week transformative journey with your beloved canine companion through our exclusive training program. Meet our in-house expert, Luis, who will craft a tailored training regimen just for your furry friend. 

Meet Luis

Luis is our new in-house trainer. His lifelong passion revolves around the connection between humans and dogs, and his commitment to the art of canine training. His unique expertise lies in the realm of balance training, a method used for its adaptability to the needs of each dog. 

our 7 week course

Enroll your dog in a journey of growth and obedience with our exclusive one-on-one training program. Over the span of 7 weeks, you will benefit from a weekly hour of private training. Our approach begins with an initial session at The Dog Resort, conducted in a private setting, that will allow us to assess your dog’s unique needs and determine the most effective training strategy. 

Each training session is meticulously tailored to your dog’s individual requirements and addresses the specific concerns you wish to target. Our commitment to your dog’s progress is unwavering, and we encourage your active involvement. We invite you to come prepared to absorb knowledge and actively participate in the training process. 

Please be aware that this program demand dedication, both during our sessions and in the continued practice you’ll undertake at home between classes. Together, we will ensure your dog’s development and enhance your bond like never before. 


We are here to help, please feel free to reach out to us via phone call or email at anytime.

Luis - luisavila@seattledogresort.com
The Dog Resort - 206-362-3836