The Lake City Way Fire – What Happened & What’s Next

Updated March 15th, 2023



On February 1st, 2023 The Dog Resort suffered a fire that led to the emergency evacuation of all dogs and employees in the building. Because of our amazing staff, community, and emergency response teams all of the dogs were evacuated and brought home safely. Our safety protocols ensured that every dog and person was brought to safety, but this event was still extremely devastating. 

This fire has left us without a North Seattle location, but we do still have our South Seattle location running. We do have a shuttle service running from North Seattle to South Seattle until we begin construction on March 22, 2023. Please read below for more information on our temporary shuttle services. 

Your Reservations

All reservations made at our Lake City Way location are now valid at our SODO location. We have been able to keep our staff fully employed, and are lucky to have a very large South facility. All dogs will now need to be dropped off at SODO for their boarding and daycare fun. 


We are running a fundraiser to rebuild, keep our staff fully employed, and continue our operation on a smaller scale. Any amount that you are able to donate makes a huge impact with us, and we appreciate any donation. 

Please also continue to share our story and the link to our GoFundMe with your community. Thank you for your support during this time. 

Moving Forward

We are working hard to secure a new temporary location in North Seattle while we rebuild. Construction on our building is beginning on March 22, 2023.

 Please continue to check this page for updates moving forward. 

Shuttle Information


Before construction begins, we are offering a shuttle service to transport your dogs from Lake City to SODO. All dogs dropped off at Lake City who will be staying with us for a full day will be shuttled to our SODO location, and dogs who are staying with us for a half day will stay in our Lake City play yard. Please have your dog to the Lake City yard 15 minutes prior to departure time to ensure you do not miss the shuttle. 

Our first shuttle is running on a case by case basis. If there are enough dogs in the Lake City yard by 7:00am the first shuttle will run. If there are not enough dogs, they will stay in the play yard until the shuttle comes at 9:00am. 

Questions? Please email us below or call us at 206-362-3836.