Our Facilities

Whether you are new and looking to learn more about our space for your dog’s Daycare or Boarding, or you are a continuing customer our tour is here to show you a day in the life on the dog resort.

See our location on a map using Google Maps for our Lake City or Sodo locations.


Our Daily Schedule

When we open our doors in the morning, we are also letting all our boarding dogs and early daycare drop-offs go to the restroom before breakfast.

When breakfast is over, the dogs are released into their playgroups.

The dogs will be then put up for lunchtime.
Once lunch is over, they are all placed back into their playgroups.

After the afternoon playgroups, all dogs are placed in their assigned sleeping areas with their dinner, water, and a blanket

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First, when you drop off your dog with our front desk, your dog will be checked into our system and we will confirm our immunization records for your dog are up to date with our requirements. We will label and store all their belongings and will add their leash to our leash board.

First, you drop off your dog at our front desk.

Your dog will be checked into our system and we will confirm our immunization records for your dog are up to date with our requirements.
Then we will label and store all their belongings and add their leash to our leash board.

Our Sodo location is split into 2 large auditoriums for playgroups as well as kennels used for Timeouts as well as during sleeping and feeding times for those without special accommodations

Your dogs will be enjoying their daycare or boarding stay interacting with many other dogs as well as our dog handlers throughout the day. Due to the number of dogs we have interacting with each other daily, we require the Bordetella Vaccine to be renewed every 6 months.

Each Auditorium is connected to an outside area with a 12-foot fence with at least one stairway entry and exit as well as a standard bay door. This area is where the dogs use the restroom the most. Our Handlers are keeping both the inside and outside play areas clean.

We provide grooming services for our customers as well as will use our grooming station to bathe your dog if they become dirty during their stay.

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Does your dog need to be away from the playgroups for aggression/medical/preference issues?

Our Private Rooms are an additional fee of $18.
This is added per day or night for their stay.

Each private room includes at least 4 private walks a day and personal time with our handlers depending on the demeanor of our guest.

We have multiple private rooms available that include their own personal cot as well as the ability to bring in their bedding and toys from home, Whereas in our standard boarding we do not allow beds and toys due to the chance of another dog destroying them or it causing aggression between our guests.

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