FRequently asked questions

Our pickup and drop off hours are as follows. 

Monday – Friday: 5:30 AM -7:30 PM 

Saturday – Sunday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

We are staffed 24/7 and can receive or give your dog outside of our pickup and drop off times for an additional fee. 

  • New Years Day 
  • Martin Luther King JR Day 
  • Presidents Day 
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day 
  • Independence Day 
  • Labor Day 
  • Thanksgiving Day 
  • Christmas Day 

Our dog handling staff is still present to care for boarding dogs but our front desk is closed to drop offs and pickups. 

Also, for guests staying over the holidays please note that there is an additional $20 fee for non package holders. 


Drop off / pickup time need to be provided during completion of our Reservation Form or during your reservation creation in our Client Portal. 

If the pickup or drop off time needs to be changed, please contact us over the phone or by email to have your reservation updated. 

Additionally, you can cancel your reservation and recreate it with the correct times and services using the Client Portal’s Reservations Page. 

Unless you are a package holder, you need to pay a $50 deposit for each dog in the boarding reservation and have your immunization records up to date. 

When our location is full your reservation is not confirmed and is added to our wait list. We will pull form our wait list as clients cancel in the order of first come first serve basis. 

If you do not get a confirmation three days prior to your reservation, we may not have room to accommodate your stay and advise you to find other accommodations. 

Unless you have a boarding package you need to pay a $50 deposit for your reservation. 

Deposits are able to be refunded for cancelations if canceled 48 hours prior to the scheduled reservation. 

If not canceled, your deposit will be applied to the cost of your stay during checkout. 

We offer packages to those who need days or nights in bulk. Starting with 10 day packages and going up to 120 day packages. Clients who purchase a bulk package are package holders. 

These packages not only provide a discount on the days in them, they also have additional perks. 

Package holder perks include : 

  • No deposit for reservation
  • No half day or full day daycare fee when picking up your boarding dog after the required pickup time
  • No holiday fees
  • Quick drop off and check out 
  • Discounts on the days purchased
  • Never expire 
  • Can be shared with multiple dogs in the same family

Our canine guests under 18 months do not need to be spayed/neutered. 

After this age threshold has been passed, all unspayed females in heat willl need to be placed in our private rooms and will be unable to join our playgroups during their stay. Male intact guests will be evaluated and monitored by our staff while in the playgroup. 

If your dogs needs to spend time in our private rooms they will get to enjoy multiple private walks per day as well as one on one attention. 


We require 3 Vaccines BordetellaDHLPP, & Rabies.

Bordetella – Helps protect dogs from contracting Kennel Cough

DHLPP – Helps protect dogs from contracting Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus.

Rabies – Helps protect dogs from contracting Rabies.

Both the Rabies and the DHLPP must follow the same standards as your veterinary and need to be renewed yearly or every 3 years depending on the vaccine given.

We require Bordetella to be administered every 6 months.
Though a dog may be vaccinated for Bordetella, with
excessive contact in any boarding/daycare facility (or even taking your dog to a dog park), dog owners must understand that there is a possibility your dog might come home with ‘kennel-cough.’ Our requirement is that your dog is up to date on its Bordetella vaccination on a 6-month basis.
At SDR, with open play, dog interaction of your dog with several other dogs (nose to nose, drinking water from the same bowl), it’s just possible in our environment for your dog to come home with a mild kennel cough.

The vaccination is extremely beneficial, but it doesn’t ensure your dog is not going to get kennel cough. Also, with Bordetella it incubates up to 10 days, so therefore it could take up to that time for it to present. Dogs coming to SDR might be in an ‘incubation state’ of the disease and therefore with play interaction transfer it to other dogs. It’s just a ‘normal’ potential with daycare/boarding our requirement for Bordetella renewal every 6 months helps lower this risk.

If your dog is not up to date on Vaccines we can provide an isolation room for $18 fee per day However, we provide on site vaccinations $35 for DHLPP and Bordetella just for this reason.

We want to have all the dogs to be able to play with each other and stay safe and healthy above all else.

If you are not a package holder, you would have a fee if your boarding stay is outside of your reservations check out time for that day (the same time as your drop off as each night is measured in 24 hours).

The fee is respective to the time spent beyond the check out time.
If you dropped your dog off at 7AM but on pick up you had to pick up at 9AM (less than 6 hours), You would owe a half day fee of $29.
If you picked them up at 3PM (more than 6 hours), You would owe a full day fee of $42.

If they need to stay another night, we will add another night to the charge at check out.

If you are a package holder, we count your stays by night instead of by 24 hours. We will use the your package nights for each night of the stay.

Package holder or not, if you need to make a after hours drop off or pick up we charge $20 per hour out of our operating hours for the day.

If your dog has special medical needs, please let
us know.

If so, bring their medications, and let us know their specific medication administration schedule, and a detailed accounting of medications you bring in writing.

SDR commonly provides meds for dogs
with diabetes, seizures. Therefore, we need to know the specificity of any such disease needs of your pet. It is critically important for you and your dog’s health and safety for us to be aware of any and all past and current
medical issues.

This is also why we request your veterinarian’s contact
info if a true medical issue arises while your dog is in our care.

We do not charge for administering meds.

You need to indicate if your dog has ‘separation anxiety’ as those dogs may be hyper whether in a room, run, or crate. Those extremely anxious dogs always want to be with a human.

We will try to accommodate that as we have a caretaker who lives on the premises at the SODO location. If
need be your dog can have an overnight stay with them as necessary for an additional fee of $10 a night.

We’ll do whatever it takes for your dog to be comfortable and okay, we just need to know their temperament, and anxiety persona. We also don’t charge for dog behavior modification, a necessity with an anxious dog.

After 5 days of boarding your dog will get a bath, and then every 10th day thereafter.

It’s mandatory for sanitary and health reasons, as dogs have lots of dander, skin oils, get smelly after several days of playing, having fun, rolling around in almost anything.

They are bathed with proper shampoo, then dried both with towels and cool air blow dried. The bathing
procedure takes about 2 hours. Important for us to know any special concerns when brushing, bathing. Is he/she anxious when touched in certain body areas? Are they anxious during bath time?

On your dog’s final day at SDR for a stay longer than 5 days, they are bathed about 2 hours before they are picked up, so they’ll smell fresh, have a coat clean, when they go home.

It’s important you don’t surprise us coming in extra early from your scheduled pickup time as this will compromise their final bath. It is therefore mandatory to let us know the day/time you’re going to pick up
your dog to allow for that 2-hour final grooming.

We don’t want to relinquish your dog without it, so please adhere to your scheduled pick up time. But, if you come too early, and demand your dog leave without it, you must realize and accept they are not going to be groomed, be smelly, dirty, their coat not going to be fresh and clean, not what we or you want to occur.

You should know that your dog might have slight scratches after their stay.
This quite normal when your dog is playing, romping with several other
dogs. For dogs with thin coats, scratches are more likely to occur, as opposed to a dog with a heavy coat. This would be a reason to trim a guest’s nails.

Our Service Agreement states that if we feel that your dog’s nails are too long, especially as they will be playing with other dogs in a safe manner, SDR has the right to trim your dog’s nails.

When dogs play and romp, they’re
liable to be scratched, especially on soft tissue, such as the nose. It’s again, just a factor of dogs playing and in constant interaction, not due to aggression. Though as stated, we also provide toenail trimming as a portion of the grooming procedure.

SDR supplies absolutely everything for entertaining your dog, but you’ll need to bring your dog’s leash, and a quick-release collar for daycare.

A quick-release collar is a necessity for your dog’s safety when interacting with other dogs. The quick release will allow us to keep our dogs safe from being entangled during play with other dogs. An entangled dog can panic, even choke. So, for their safety, this type collar is a necessity.

As for boarding, we do have Taste Of The Wild onsite we can add to your bill if you are unable to bring food, however we advise bringing in their own food as a change of diet can cause diarrhea. We want your pet to have the happiest stay they can with us and bringing their own food for boarding is a good way to help with that.

Yes, you can bring your dog’s food, treats.

It can be brought pre-portioned or not, up to you. As they’ll have lots of play time daily, their exertion level will be much greater than when at home, so bring extra food (and let us know) so we can make sure they maintain a healthy body weight.

We provide breakfast, lunch , and dinner times so even if your dog is just in for daycare, we can still get them fed.

No, we have bedding, soft blankets.

We launder, wash ours so they’ll be
assured clean, comfy conditions. We would hate to mix up your bedding with ours, just easier on our staff and our guests allergies for us to provide our own clean soft bedding, which we’re happy to do.

Though we’d rather not use your bed, if it’s a ‘must’ then you need to declare it on your ‘intake’ form when you arrive, so we’re aware and keep account of it. We work with our regular customers to know what they
‘always’ bring with their dog, but it’s still important for your accountability and ours to indicate in writing your dog’s items brought with them.

Let us know if you want your dog walked. We will also walk dogs that are kept isolated from other dogs.

Are there any special concerns we need to know when walking? Like when walked do they shy
from other dogs, from passing vehicle’s car horns, motorcycles, skateboarders, mobile wheelchairs?

For example, something important to let us know how he/she gets along with other dogs. Do they play well with any dog? Have they had any anxiety encounters? Are they dog aggressive? Aggressive dogs will be considered a ‘red-dog’ kept separate from other dogs to ensure the health and safety of our other pets.

For such ‘Red Dogs’ there is an additional fee
to keep them separately confined.

If they are not aggressive and have special needs in the form of handling requirements, please advise our staff.

For example they are anxious of head pets; do they have arthritis so their legs/hind end is sensitive; if they are older are they deaf, or can’t see well?

Knowing these things will help our handlers care for your dogs that much better.

Our dogs run all day long, and during operating hours they’re not confined with exception of a 2-hour rest period (12 noon-2pm), to try to wind them down a little bit for a little doggy R&R, for most dogs it’s naptime. We can give your dog ‘lunch’ or snacks at that time if requested.

It’s important for you to know that the amount of exercise, playtime your dog gets is going to impact how they fare from their boarding experience.

For example, if you and your dog live in an apartment, and you take your dog for a walk 2-3 times per day for 5-10 mins per walk, that’s minimal compared to play at our facility. At The Dog Resort for a 5-night stay, they’ll run and play all day for 5 days, like a ‘doggy-camp’ with a lot of
activities going on, playing with other dogs most of the day.
Our extensive exercise environment is a huge change in their exertion level.

When they return home, there’s a possibility that they might have lost some weight, might have sore muscles, and maybe even a slight limp. They may be less hungry, and possibly be a little lethargic, and may even vomit or have diarrhea.

Boarding or day care, we do have the accommodations
for a separate room for your dog, or a ‘run.’

There is an additional $18 fee per day of their stay.

If not requested that they are in a separate room/run, we will put your dog in a crate for their stay.

So, let us know if your dog is crate anxious, though most dogs are happy when crated.


We currently do not provide a daily photo of your dog, and/or daily update of its condition. We’re caring for numerous dogs, and it’s just not practical for SDR to provide at this time.

Rush Hour. It’s best not to drop your dog off or pick them up during rush hours (6am-8:30am; 4:30pm-6pm). Though SDR tries to be efficient as possible, the rush-hour periods both morning and night can get a bit hectic, and lines of people may potentially overwhelm the front desk

If we have several dogs going in-out at the same time, people might have to wait to be billed for their charges. If each person has several questions, concerns, and discussion, rush hour is not the best time. At those times the staff can’t spend the extra time with a client. Though our staff want to, the rush-hour periods make that difficult to do.

We want to
give our customers the attention they deserve
, but the rush-hours are not the best times for those interactions. Customers need to remember we have a 60-80 dogs at the facility at a given time. If everyone tried to pick
up/drop off at the same time, the situation is potentially overwhelming. And, if you’re a first-time customer, it’s probably best not to try to check in during those rush hour periods.

Tours can also not be provided during rush hours and are also unavailable due to our COVID-19 restrictions.