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About The Dog Resort

Established in 2009
Mona Elassiouti, owner of The Dog Resort, founded her company under unusual circumstances. She received a call from the manager of the facility were her dog was boarding, informing her that the owner of the facility had come in, taken her computer and files and announced that the business was closed, effective immediately.

With a full house of Christmas boarders, and staff who would no longer be paid, Mona didn’t think twice about dipping into her savings to finance the operation, to ensure the dogs continued to receive care.

A lifelong dog advocate and avid dog enthusiast, with decades of business management and ownership experience, Mona now considers herself to have received a gift from god.

For two long months, Mona depleted her savings to provide services purchased from the previous owner. On March 1, 2009 Mona signed a lease with the property owner and The Dog Resort was born.

Meet the Business Owner: Mona E.

Mona has been a dog welfare advocate for most of her life. She provides temporary shelter to Rescue dogs and raises money for non-profit rescue organizations. Dogs are her life. A mother of two rescue dogs, and the proud owner of The Dog Resort, she now dedicates her time and energy to making dogs smile.